How to Capture a Fingerprint

If you are trying to get a fingerprint of a loved one who has passed, reach out to the funeral home, in many cases they will have collected one.

Step 1: Prepare your finger

Use a pencil to draw a heavy, dark square on some paper and then rub your finger in it.

Note, there's no rule saying this has to be your index finger! Take a look at each of your fingers to choose your favorite one. Some may have interesting loops and whorls that would look great on an engraving!

Step 2: Make some prints

Touch your finger to the sticky side of some tape and then stick the tape to a piece of paper. Try multiple times to get a clear print. Our artists will touch up gaps or smudges, but a well captured fingerprint from you helps us ensure as much accuracy as possible.

Step 3: Take a Pic

Take a picture of the best fingerprint. Try to prop up your camera for a steady shot, and zoom in on the print to maximize detail. Make sure to tap on the print to bring it into focus.

Then you're done! Upload your pic when purchasing your jewelry, or send it to us afterwards in a message.