Ordering Process

Lulim was created to allow custom engravings to your jewelry, and we truly mean custom. Our unique 3D printed mold process allows us to add any design you send us as an engraving to any surface.

For any piece featured in our product list, feel free to get creative with engravings on the inside or outside, front or back. We can even fit multiple engravings, such as multiple finger prints, or a print plus handwriting, depending on the size of the ring and your desired resolution.

Our technology allows us to guarantee a detail as small as 0.2mm but we often deliver finer detail than this.

See some of our most popular engraving options below:


Finger Prints
See our guide for a simple way to capture finger prints
We can take a photo of your loved one's handwriting. Popular options include text from a card or letter you have received from the person. But some customers choose to write a line of text special for this occasion
Send us a zoomed in image from a real EKG, or from one generated by an Apple Watch with the EKG feature. We've even created rings for EKGs done on pets!
This is a nice option for 2mm rings where a finger print detail may not show as well
Foot prints 
You can't stop looking at your newborn's adorable feet, and why should you? Send us an image of the footprints from their birth and we'll engrave them onto a piece for you to cherish forever
Paw Prints
Your pet is part of the family and deserves a piece of their own. Whether you're celebrating your fury friend's birthday or memorializing their passing, a paw print is a great memento of all your journeys together