Our Materials

Our jewelry is made in America and cast with the finest materials. Our standard offerings include sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

 Sterling Silver

Our silver pieces come in 100% sterling silver. Pure silver is a bit too soft for jewelry making, so most jewelry you will see is sterling silver, which is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other materials, most commonly copper. This is why you sometimes see silver jewelry marked with a 925 stamp - which we can add at your request.


Our silver contains no nickel and should not cause discoloration of fingers unless the wearer has an allergy to another component. Occasionally there may be find dust residue on your silver from the polishing process, which creates that mirror smooth finish we love. We recommend rinsing and rubbing the jewelry well before the first use to avoid any tarnish to your skin from oxidation of this polishing powder residue. 

Golds: Yellow, White, and Rose

In addition to standard yellow gold, we offer white gold and rose gold, which are alloys of gold mixed with small amounts other metals to change the hue. 

Gold products are priced for 14K gold. We do have the ability to cast in 10K or 18K. Our designers can sharing pricing with you if you are interested. 

What's the difference?

  • 10K - Your gold is mixed with a higher percent of other metals to create a less expensive and more scratch-resistant ring
  • 14K - Our standard option, the most popular form. A perfect compromise
  • 18K - Highest percentage of gold, resulting in a deeper hue. Note that gold is a soft metal, so this option may be slightly more prone to scratches


Other Metals

We do have the capacity to cast rings in aluminum, bronze, steel, and platinum - contact us for prices.